What You Need to Know About Pool Maintenance?


When it comes to pool maintenance, you will need to set some time and effort on your end, but much of it can be managed without professional help. In fact, most of this maintenance work can be carried out easily on a regular basis, and it will ensure that your swimming pool is safe and clean for use.

Here are some pool maintenance tips:

Remove dirt regularly

It is important to remove surface dirt with a skimmer at least twice a week because it may sink to the bottom of the pool, and that is harder to deal with.

Empty strainer basket at least once a week

Check and empty your strainer basket since it will always gather the dirt and debris from your pool.

Use pool vacuum

You should also use your pool vacuum at least once a week to keep your floor clean since that will have a positive impact on your pool water as well.

Minimise algae and calcium build-up

Always scrub and brush the pool walls and tiles weekly to minimise the build-up of calcium and algae before they get worse. In fact, it will be harder to remove them if they have stayed on the pool walls for several weeks.

Keep pool filter clean

You should keep your pool filter clean and functional. So, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions on maintaining and cleaning the filter, but don’t over-clean it because that will damage it.

Keep water level steady

Keeping the water level steady is essential, especially during swimming season. Avoid evaporation, splashing, and leaks because this can lower the level of your pool water. You should also check if there are known cracks and wear on your pool walls because this can lead to leakage.

Maintain and repair your pool heater

When it comes to the maintenance and repair of your pool’s heater, you should seek the help of a professional pool technician since they have the expertise and equipment to do these types of tasks.

Don’t forget to winterise

Unless you live in a place where it is warm all year round, you will want to take a few steps to ensure that your pool is winterised. For this purpose, you will need to use a high dose of chlorine or other chemicals recommended by your pool cleaning provider. You will use this chemical to shock and balance the alkalinity in your pool water. It is also essential to lower the pool’s water level about 6 inches below your plumbing line.


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