Solving Common Swimming Pool Problems

you own a pool, you have most likely encountered several issues like algae, debris, or a strong chlorine smell that may discourage you from dipping in the water. There are several ways to solve these pool problems, but you must first know where these issues are coming from and how to fix them.


These are single-celled organisms that may grow quickly in your pool, especially during summer. It can even turn the water in your swimming pool green within just a few hours of exposure. So, you’ll need to remove algae from your pool as soon as you detect it.

You can use a garden hose and brush to remove algae from your pool surfaces. Also, it’s essential to vacuum the settled algae from the floor. You’ll also need to check the pH, TA, and calcium hardness before you allow anyone to swim in your pool.


Usually, children are the most common reason for faecal accident in the swimming pool. When this happens, you’ll need to get everyone to vacate the pool and remove as much of the faeces as possible using a mesh scoop. You may also want to consider draining the pool, cleaning it, or adding a concentrated dose of chlorine at least 10mg/L. Most importantly, please don’t allow anyone to re-enter the pool at least one to two hours after adding some chemicals to it.

Make sure you check the chlorine levels; it must have dropped back to normal levels before allowing anyone to use the pool.

Strong chlorine smell in swimming pools

When there is a strong chlorine smell in your pool, it can often affect the nose, eyes, and skin. Many people believe that too much chlorine can cause a strong smell, but that’s not always the case. In fact, putting too little chlorine in the pool can lead to the formation of chloramine compounds. These compounds have a strong smell and can even lead to skin irritation.

If there’s a strong smell in the pool, it is recommended that you check the chlorine level as you may need to add more chlorine to your pool.

Safety suggestion for pool chemicals

It’s important to keep pool chemicals away from other flammable chemicals in your home. It should be locked away in a cool, dry place and cannot be reached by small children. Also, use chemicals strictly as instructed by the manufacturer to avoid any further issues.


Don’t combine chemicals because this may cause an explosion. Lastly, to avoid splashing chemicals, it’s recommended to add the chemicals to water and not the other way around.

Where to get help

If you are unsure of any of the steps we mentioned above, then we urge you to hire qualified and experienced pool cleaners like Mornington Pool Cleaners. They have the equipment and expertise to fix any pool issues and effectively maintain it on weekly or monthly basis.

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