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A saltwater pool is an alternative to a traditional chlorine pool. This type of system does not need chlorine tablets, but its filter system still generates a small amount of chlorine. Salt water pools contain 10 times less salt than ocean water. In fact, salinity in a saltwater pool is just around 3,000 ppm compared to 35,000 ppm in the ocean.

Some people like saltwater pools because they are less harsh on their eyes, hair, and skin than a chlorinated pool. This type of pool is becoming more popular at resorts, hotels, and cruise ships. You can even find natural saltwater lagoon pools in various resorts in Australia and choose to install a saltwater pool in your own home.

Benefits of having a saltwater pool

A saltwater pool is a good alternative for anyone who does not like the smell of chlorine, and if you have allergies or asthma, you may be at home with this type of pool. You may have also experienced the red and irritated eyes in a traditional and chlorinated pool. Saltwater is gentler on the eyes, clothing, and hair, making it a more desirable option for many.

In fact, water from this type of pool is softer and silkier than chlorinated water, leaving your skin feeling less dried out than when swimming in traditional chlorinated pools. But the most significant benefit you can get from saltwater pool is its low maintenance cost. Salt is much cheaper than chlorine, and depending on the size of your pool, you could save hundreds of dollars in chemical costs with a salt system.

How to maintain salt water pools

Compared to chlorinated pools, a saltwater pool gets cleaned using a filtering system called salt chlorine generator. This system uses electricity to generate salt into chlorine which then cleans the pool.

It is essential for pool owners to check the alkalinity and pH levels of the pool so it stays chemically balanced and sanitised in a weekly basis. You may need to check the pool for any signs of erosion or build up of salt on the side walls.

Our salt water pool maintenance and cleaning service 

Since saltwater pools require a larger initial investment, you may want to hire experienced technicians to maintain your pool to ensure that it is working at full capacity. We at Mornington Pool Cleaners have a team of highly skilled and qualified saltwater pool technicians that can maintain your pool on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Our technicians can help you detect any issues early on, so you can prevent any costly damages to your pool’s filtering system, underwater lighting, liners, and fixtures. We also have the equipment and expertise to accomplish our job in a prompt and professional manner. 

Why choose us

We are the premier pool cleaning company servicing the Mornington Peninsula, and we have years of experience in salt water pool maintenance. If you hire us, you can be sure that you are dealing with the right people in the industry.

Most importantly, we have the most competitive pricing and our commitment cannot be matched by any other pool cleaning service provider in the area. Contact us today for more details.

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