Pool Repairs

Choosing the right company in Mornington for your repairs or refurbishing project is essential for both commercial and residential pools. We at Mornington Pool Service take pride in the workmanship and the quality of work of our qualified and highly experienced staff.

In fact, we have years of experience in various types of pool repair and resurfacing projects. We can assure you that we are committed to giving our clients the highest standard of workmanship and quality service, and we have the right tools for the job.

Swimming pool crack repairs experts in Mornington

As a pool owner in Mornington, you must attend to cracks that may appear in your pool because ignoring them can cause permanent damage to your pool’s structural integrity. As the leading pool repairs company in the area, we offer a complete pool repair solution for various types of issues, including structural cracks, corrosion, chipping and holes, and surface deterioration caused by pool delamination.

There are many reasons why a hairline crack in your pool structure may lead to integrity issues in the long run, so it’s vital to seek the help of crack repair services. Our pool technicians have extensive knowledge and experience in fixing pool cracks. They can quickly diagnose faults and use industry recognised crack injection formulas that can offer long-term results.

Detect and repair structural damages on your pool

We also have the latest leak detection tools and equipment that can efficiently isolate and repair any type of structural cracks and faults that may affect your pool’s surface strength. Once we detect and isolate these leaks, we’ll be able to implement our repair methods like a crack injection. These methods are more affordable for any type of structural cracks. These may include the following:

  • Crack in concrete pool
  • Crack in pool plaster
  • Fibreglass pool crack repair 

Crack injections have various advantages to fix surface cracks and leaks. The resin is also waterproof, flexible, and non-invasive compared to other types of methods. This method will ensure that we will not be digging or damaging your property, and this repair can be implemented in dry or wet conditions. On top of that, we can offer a comprehensive warranty on all our pool repair and injection services.

Coping maintenance and repairs for concrete pools

The main reason why concrete pools need coping is to prevent any contraction or expansion, shifting, settling, or any other movement that may result in deck shear. This often happen if the pool did not have the required coping installed. Modern pools should have a coping, or they run the risk of structural failure that can occur anywhere along or near the pool wall’s top edge.

Morning Pool Cleaners can install coping to any type of concrete pool using industry-standard methods. Our smart design involves pool coping that isolate the remainder of the pool deck through a small gap. We often fill this joint with a flexible sealant to connect the two edges together and create a waterproof joint between the pool surrounds and the coping.


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