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Maintaining your pool is vital, and it is not as hard as many homeowners believe. Whether you moved into a house with a pool or looking to install one, it is important to clean and maintain it on a regular basis.

Here are some of our important pool maintenance tips for you:

How often should you clean your pool?

Pool maintenance should be carried out weekly, and sometimes even more often. This is essential to remove the debris, leaves, bugs, and other things that might contaminate the water in your pool. If you have a screened pool, then maintenance needs can be significantly reduced. The most important thing to do is to vacuum your pool since it helps control the pH level and keep the water clean and safe.

You should test the pH levels of your pool every week, so you will know if the level is at the required level; between 7.4 and 7.6. You can adjust your chemicals to maintain the correct numbers. However, vacuuming every will keep your pH balanced and easier to control.

Another important thing to check is your chlorine levels and ensure that they are between 1.0 and 3.0 PPM. You can test your chlorine level by bringing a small amount of pool water in specialised stores that sells chemicals for pools. They will also recommend the best chemicals to use based on your chlorine levels.

It is vital to keep tiles in your pool clean to avoid algae and other contaminants. A tile cleaner can be bought your local pool store or you can buy it online. Skimming your pool for debris, leaves, and bugs is also essential.

Lastly, be sure to brush your pool walls using a wider brush with long handle. Pool brushes are cheap and available in any store in your neighbourhood.

Our regular maintenance options

Mornington Pool Cleaners has years of experience, and we have the equipment and expertise to transform your pool into the best-looking pool in your area. We offer a one-time clean or a regular pool maintenance by schedule. Our team of highly skilled professionals will ensure that your pool, filter, and chemicals are all operating at full capacity on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

We also repair faulty pool equipment, heaters, pumps, light and can assist with various algae problems. We can guarantee you that we will get the job right.

The benefits of using a professional pool cleaner

Your swimming pool is the best spot for unwinding and relaxing after a long hard day at work. You don’t want to come home from work only to find out that filter is not running, the chemicals are not balanced, and the pool has algae.

For many bust residents in Mornington, it is essential to hire a professional pool cleaning service, because it gives you peace of mind that an experienced technician is taking care of your pool. A regular cleaning schedule will also keep you on track with the upkeep of your pool and equipment. This will ensure that your swimming pool water is hygienic and sparkling all the time.

Lastly, hiring professional pool cleaners can also save you time and money, because they can help you detect potential problems that may become big issues in the long run.


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