Pool Maintenance Guide for Beginners

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Before you decide to build a pool, you will need to know the basic elements of successful pool maintenance as this will help you keep everything running smoothly. It will also make it easier to resolve issues when they occur.

The basic parts of a swimming pool

Like any other areas in your home, you can get as fancy as you like with your pool. In fact, you can install an advanced lighting and heating system, high-tech pool covers, and even underwater pool speakers. But no matter what type of pool you have, it will always have these four components that you need to maintain at all times.

These will include:

  • Pool water
  • Interior wall or liner
  • Filter system
  • System of skimmers and returns

Things you need to maintain

If you have a pool in your backyard, you must know the foundation of effective pool maintenance. This will include cleaning, circulation, and chemistry.

  • Adequate water circulation

Stagnant and still water will ruin your pool because moving water is clearer, safer, and cleaner. That is why proper pool circulation is key to a safe and healthy pool. A pool with good circulation will not be infested with algae. Keeping your filter system running daily will maximise circulation.

Ideally, a filter system must be running for several hours each day. You can also backwash your filter to shunt that dirty water and flush out any contaminant build-up on the waste port, pushing it out of your pool.

  • Keep a pool cleaning schedule

Once you have proper circulation in your pool, you will still need to clean it manually. The most common tools for this task are pool brush, vacuum, and net skimmer. As we all know, both your guests and mother nature bring all sorts of wacky and wild things into your pool. This will include mould, leaves, dirt, residue from perfumes, shampoos, and hair products. This may add to the risks of bacterial contamination, so cleaning your pool is vital for safe swimming.

We recommend that you brush, skim, and vacuum your pool weekly at a minimum. This will keep the dirt and debris out of your water, and your walls will remain sparkling clean. You can also use baking soda paste because that will not damage the delicate or vinyl liner when you brush.

  • Automated pool cleaners

You may also want to consider buying an automated pool cleaning machine because it will significantly cut your pool cleaning time. Although it will not replace regular brushing and skimming, it can make things easier for you, so you will have more time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it.

Lastly, you can hire a professional pool cleaning company in Mornington that can help maintain your pool on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. In fact, we recommend that you get in touch with a qualified pool cleaner because they have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to clean your pool effectively and efficiently.

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