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You take a look at your pool, and you’re expecting crystal clear water that you can dip into, but you’re greeted with green, slimy, and uninviting sight. It would be best to fix this immediately because this can be detrimental to your pool and your health.

What makes pools green

Pool water usually turns green when there are algae in it. In fact, algae can multiply within hours, especially during summer. This is the reason why it can surprise you overnight, and that can be caused by an imbalance or lack of chlorine in the water.

There are several ways to fix a green pool and here is our recommendation:

  • Check chlorine levels frequently

Chlorine is the most effective sanitiser for your pool, but letting chlorine levels drop can lead to an algae outbreak. So, it’s essential that you always check your chlorine levels frequently to save you from any nasty surprises.

  • Follow the right formula

One 600g bag of chlorine can already treat a 50,000-litre pool, and this is relatively good when you’re shocking your pool. However, you will need to keep your pump and pool filter running all the time at least 10 hours before and after each treatment.

  • Vacuum your pool

An important part of the green pool cleaning process is removing algae and debris from your pool. You won’t be able to totally remove the algae if you don’t vacuum the pool, so set the valve on your filter to waste, then remove as much sediment and algae from the bottom of the pool as you can.

  • Brushing the pool floor and walls

Try brushing your pool walls and floor using an algae brush since this can effectively remove those tough and stubborn algae that cling to the pool’s surfaces. Therefore, a heavy-duty brush will be your best option for this task.

Treating your pool based on the colour of the water

  • Treating light green/teal water

If the water in your pool is colour teal or light green, then it indicates that there’s a low level of algae and will require one bag of chlorine that can cover or treat 50,000L of pool water.

  • Treating dark green

This signifies a medium amount of algae in your pool and will require double shock treatment or two bags of concentrated chlorine.

When to get professional help

When the pool in your water is already black-green, you will need to seek a professional pool cleaning technician. In fact, a qualified pool cleaner might need to drain and clean your pool using techniques and equipment specifically for this purpose.

However, you’ll need to ensure that you’re dealing with the right people in the industry. That is why we at Mornington Pool Cleaners offer our premium services to you. We have a team of highly skilled and professional pool cleaners with years of experience in the business.

We can also assure you that we the right equipment for the job, so you can enjoy clean and algae-free water in no time. Visit our website for more details.

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