Essential Backyard Pool Accessories

pool accessories

If you own a pool in your backyard, you will likely be looking for several accessories that can make your backyard pool safe, fun, and clean. Most importantly, these pool accessories can make your pool an enjoyable place for both your family and guests.

Here are the top items to consider for your backyard pool:

  • Solar blanket

A solar blanket can help heat your pool using solar energy, so your pool is ready to use when you want it. It can also cut your energy costs since it reduces evaporation by over 75%.

  • Robotic pool vacuum

Robotic vacuums are better than pressure or suction pool vacuums because they don’t run off the pool pump like your traditional pool vacuums. This will eventually save you money because the pool pump can use a large proportion of your home’s electricity.

  • Safety accessories

According to the Australian Red Cross, drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children, and these accidents often happen in or near a pool. Although no product can be a substitute for close, attentive supervision, you should have a few safety items near your pool.

In fact, having a ring buoy, safety hook, and first aid kit are always essential for any backyard pool. All these items must be located in a place that is accessible and marked appropriately based on their use.

  • Pool fence

Another critical safety accessory is a pool fence or an unclimbable mesh fence with a locked gate. Check out the required standards for your local area, but they are often very strict to ensure the safety of young children.

  • Test kit

It is essential to regularly test your pool’s pH levels and keep chemicals in balance to prevent any issues like a green pool. You can purchase an easy-to-use drop test kit from any pool supplies store in your neighbourhood. This will let you measure your pool’s bromine levels, chlorine, pH, acid, and total alkalinity.

  • Skimmer

Skimmers can easily remove leaves, insects, and other debris on your pool’s water surface. That is why it is an essential accessory for your pool since it can catch unwanted objects in a double-stitched nylon net that is often attached to a heavy-duty aluminium frame.

  • Pool float

You may also want an inflatable pool float that you can easily access. Kick back and relax in either a chair, saddle, or hammock inflatable float. Some floats will also sit below the water, ensuring that you stay cool on hot days.

Overall, these backyard pool accessories will make your pool a safe and fun place to be, so we recommend that you purchase some of these items, especially the safety accessories. Learn more here about the best pool cleaning service on the Mornington Peninsula.

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